Lawn Care Process

If your lawn is your pride and joy then leave it to the professionals to look after it. At CTD Lawn Care along with our various services we offer a bespoke all year round lawn care treatment which deals with all the issues associated with keeping a great looking lawn.


We all know that Spring is the best season of the year for growing so at CTD Lawn Care we make sure all seeding and fertilisation is done ready to take advantage of the ideal growth weather. Our treatments not only provide nutrients to aid growth but also help to give your garden the green shimmer ready for summer. Unfortunately the down side to this wonderful season is that weeds are also able to grow very quickly in this ideal weather, as such we also apply a wide variety of herbicides to keep weeds and moss at bay.

Early Summer

We call the early Summer months our feeder months. All of the grass seeds are requiring nutrients and we are ready to supply it. A special formulated fertiliser is used which can cope with the hotter temperatures of summer while still giving the grass a more than adequate feeding. Whilst weeds are not as common to grow is these months we still apply a lower level of herbicide to keep them at bay.

Late Summer

Late summer can normally be shown by dry patchy yellow grass but not with CTD Lawn Care treating the areas. Whilst we encourage our customers to regularly water the lawn in the hot summer periods (out of sunshine hours) we also aid by supplying a fertiliser that supports growth and colour to the lawn.

Autumn & Winter

During Autumn & Winter growth levels will drop dramatically on your lawn and we have a perfect treatment that will strengthen your grass for the cold and wet months without the encouragement of growth. This leaves our customers with a great looking lawn throughout the colder months without the need for much maintenance themselves.

All Year Round

At CTD Lawn Care we believe that no two gardens are the same and as such we are continuously monitoring the state of our customers gardens while carrying out Routine Mowing to see if any Scarification or Aeration is required. By doing so we are able to stop any problems occurring with your lawn before they show, keeping you grass in great condition.

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