Our Services

Here at CTD Lawncare we offer a wide range of services ranging from small regular lawn mowing to a full lawn service include seeding, feeding and scarification.


Scarifying is a process of mechanical raking of the lawn; its purpose is to remove thatch from the lawn, although it has other benefits too. Our machine has sharp tungsten blades that rotate at high speed and cut into the turf in a vertical manor. The depth can be adjusted to remove as much or as little thatch as required. The scarification process will thin out and remove the excess thatch and moss invasion that has built up within a lawn.


Aeration is the process of taking small plugs from the lawn, which is the best way of easing compaction and sub-surface thatch, allowing air, water and fertiliser to penetrate to the root zone. Over time most soils will become compacted, squashing the particles together and reducing the grasses ability to grow well. The roots are unable to access the nutrient they require so the grass tends to be thin weak and pale in compacted soils. Aeration can be particularly effective at the beginning and end of the growing season. Aeration can also help the lawn through drought stress conditions; enabling water retention in the crucial root zone.

Lawn Feeds

Feeding your lawn helps the grass stay healthy, lush and green throughout the year. Choosing the right lawn fertiliser will help get the results you want. Lawn fertilisers come in granules, powders and liquids. Liquids and water soluble powders are generally taken up by the grass more quickly but may be washed away if fertilised just before a rainy spell. Again, the slower initial results of the non-water soluble feeds are balanced by the benefit of feeding your lawn for a longer period.


We offer both a regular and one off mowing service for all sizes of lawn. This service can be stand-alone or complimented with one of our many other treatments. Upon all mowing we will give advice to our customers if we see issues starting to occur with their lawns.

Moss Controls

Moss control is achieved by the physical removal of moss coupled with chemical treatment to stop the issue at source. Moss can flourish under certain environmental conditions and as such CTD Lawn Care will assist you with expert advice to try limit the regrowth of moss.


One of our customers major gripes is weeds and how to treat them both quickly and effectively. CTD Lawn Care specialise in the use of selective weed killers to deal with weeds while still keeping your grass in a great condition. Our specialist products offer a low risk to the grass while dealing with weed issues at the root of the issue.


From time to time your lawn may suffer damage from a pest infestation, this is normal and hard to avoid but at CTD Lawn Care we offer a range of specialist treatments that can help control lawn pests as they occur. We are PA1 PA6 Qualified giving us the ability to spray pesticides not available to the general public.


Re-Seeding is used for a variety of purposes including dead lawns, thickening up lawns and just a general season re-seed to replenish any grass that has perished in the winter months. With commercial tools we are able to re-seed evenly over all lawns leaving a even grow throughout.

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